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Product Design . Packaging Design . Ideation & Prototyping

A week-long design challenge by Fiama Di Wills to enhance the appeal of their shower gels through better packaging. The task was to design a packaging that has a smart dispensing mechanism and could encapsulate the loofah while traveling.

Fiama Di Wills shower gel packaging design


2 Product Designers


Competitor Analysis, Ideation and Brainstorming, Sketching, Rendering, 3-D Modelling

1 week


3-D Renders

Design Thought

The appeal of a product is based on sensorial perception and sensual associations, and hence, the corresponding responses to a product. The intention here is to build such associations through the form to reconnect users to their base emotions. We have tried to rejuvenate the feel of medieval apothecary bottles with ingredients still inside them. This is so as to create a sense of connection to the fruits that lend Fiama Shower Gel their fragrances.

Mood Board
The Design

Now carry your Loofah around like a boss in this honky cap without the fear of losing it, dust or germs.


4 ml chamber


The Fiama Shower Gel, ‘Ready To Go’ pack allows you to carry even your wet loofah in its optimised packaging. Now you can know the perfect amount of gel for a refreshing shower, with its special gel per shower dispensing mechanism. All you need to do is follow these simple steps for a breathtaking shower experience.

1.  Remove the cap

2.  Pull out the loofah

3.  Invert the bottle

     & squeeze

4.  Remove the lid

     & pour the gel

Also as a
pump dispenser

Just like a toy Roly Poly, this solves the storage problem by bouncing back on being pushed around. We all could learn a thing or two from it.

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