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A fun project to design a high-fidelity prototype of a website using adobe muse. The aim was to explore the software and build a functional website without manual coding. Since traveling is close to my heart, I chose to develop a website around it! 





Adobe Muse


2 days


When exploring a new city, in less time, it is good to know what is currently trending in the city. A lot of travel and tourism sites put up so much information that it becomes difficult to decide where to go. This website lists the top 10 places to visit in a city, the best food joints, shopping, and nightlife. The list is updated regularly to make sure travelers don't miss the must-visits.



A video of the city that shows the best places to visit, mentioning each location along, so that you know what to look for. A video better visualizes the place than just an image.

Hannover Zoo

Top 10

Top 10 all-time places to visit. Monuments, heritage sites, museums, parks, wildlife, treks, rivers & lakes. These are essentially the places that mark a city's identity.

Indulge in the city's flavours.


View & share the recipes you like on your favourite social media platform.

Discover places based on the type of food you like.

Read reviews to find that right place & use directions to be there.


Become a shopaholic & explore the city's best market place. A listing of best-shopping destinations with a description of what can you find there.


Find the city's best party places with a current list of the events. Choose what suits your mood.


Need more information about the city?

Well, there's a Tourist Center to help you out!

This is how it looks!

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